Museums & Galleries

Museums & Galleries

3D Trick Art Museum Penang

RM18.00 Ex Tax: RM18.00

It is Malaysia first unique art museum located in Penang. Get tricked by the han..

Dark Mansion Museum

RM30.00 Ex Tax: RM30.00

Presents itself as the First and foremost Glow-In-The-Dark Museum in Malaysia. I..

Magic Art 3D Museum

RM18.00 Ex Tax: RM18.00

Unleash Your Imagination and come explore our 3D Museum to relive your childhood..

MinNature Malaysia

RM25.00 Ex Tax: RM25.00

A place to celebrate the wonderful cultural heritage that makes Malaysian. The f..

Upside Down House Gallery Upside Down House Gallery

Upside Down House Gallery

RM16.0011% RM18.00 Ex Tax: RM16.00

The Gallery is done with interiors and decors, typically like a modern house, ex..

Wonderfood Museum

RM100.00 Ex Tax: RM100.00

Visit a one-of-a-kind museum in Penang that features giant versions of classic M..

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